Why a custom home?
When people are looking for a new home, especially in a emergent area such as Bellingham and Whatcom County, it is hard to find the "perfect house". The older homes don't always reflect the newer lifestyles or have the desired amenities. Many of the newer houses are in large developments built by the same builder and have that "cookie cutter" look. Even if you do find one you like, it's probably not in the location you want. This is why many experienced home buyers build their own custom home.

Getting started:
If you are new in the area, we always recommend living here for awhile before purchasing a lot. This gives you time to discover our varied countryside, cities, neighborhoods and schools. Once you have a feel for your location, contact a real estate to assist you in your lot selection. See community links for a list of real estate agents that we recommend.

House Design:
Once you have purchased a buildable lot, you start the design process. Every parcel of land has its own characteristics that can be considered with your new house in mind. An architect or home designer is essential to prepare working plans or blueprints at this stage. They may also be able to assist you in the building permit process. See community links for a list of architects and home designers that we recommend.

Choosing a Builder:
You can choose a builder earlier if you'd like, but permit forms and lending sources may require a builder and cost estimate. We suggest that you select a builder after interviewing several that have been recommended to you by your architect or home designer.

If you require financing, review options from selected lenders. You will find each one has their own construction loan package. See community links for a list of lenders that we recommend.

Breaking Ground:
Once you have your lot, plans, a builder, the permit and financing, you can break ground. This is the first step of the building process that ends with moving into your new custom home. Schramer Construction will work with you throughout the building process to insure that your home is just what you envisioned it to be.

Robin Schramer is a gifted interior designer and will provide 20 hours of free design time to assist you with kitchen and bath design, building component and fixture selection, interior and exterior colors, flooring and countertop surfaces, trim details and so on. Mark Schramer looks after the estimating, scheduling, material ordering and problem solving, as well as pounding a few nails when he gets the chance.

They both recognize the importance of good communication, the most essential quality when starting a new home.